Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling

Automated Collection


As a part of our “Smarter” service, Augusta Solid Waste offers automated collections for garbage and recycling. This type of service makes garbage and recycling collection more efficient and safe for our employees and  has become a standard of service across the country.

What’s the difference?

Traditional manual garbage and recycling collections require multiple workers to load the carts on the garbage truck and return empty carts to the curb. This is a slower process and can even result in injuries to workers. With automated collections, the work is done by the truck! Our trucks, powered by compressed natural gas, have mechanical arms, which extend from the truck and pickup the garbage and recycling carts from the curb, dump them, and place the carts back at the curb. This is a more efficient process which allows us to service more homes in a shorter time period.  Cart placement is extremely important with automated collections.  Click here to visit the cart placement page.

What are the benefits of Automated Collection?

Improved Service
Customers are generally happier with automated collections. With computerized software on our new trucks, pickups are tracked and we can provide real-time information on truck locations and reasons if a collection was missed.

A Cleaner Augusta
Since the recycling carts are picked up just like garbage carts, it is more convenient and easier for customers to recycle. Also, the automated collection results in more homes being serviced with fewer garbage trucks, reducing the amount of pollution produced by our CNG trucks.

Improved Safety
Since employees do not have to ride on the back of the trucks, or pick up heavy garbage and recycling carts, it reduces the risk for employee injury. With the more efficient pickup, our garbage trucks spend less time in the neigborhoods and communities.

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