Education and Events

Education and Events

As a good community partner, Augusta Solid Waste provides a variety of community-wide events and education programs to encourage citizens, young and old, to join in reducing waste and our impact on the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to make Augusta a cleaner, greener and smarter community – a better place to live.

We offer community waste management programs that promote recycling and a cleaner community by lending recycling bins to groups and organizations for local events. We also support volunteer litter collection events and neighborhood and community cleanups to help beautify our city.

The following are just a few of our community events and educational programs we provide to our Richmond County customers:


School Education Programs

We visit schools to teach children about the importance of recycling and provide teachers with educational resources on recycling and general environmental education.

Click here to contact us to schedule a school visit.


We provide free quarterly tire collection events for Richmond County residents at various locations. To find out about upcoming tire recycling events check out our community calendar.

Download the Tire Recycling Flyer here


After Christmas and during the month of January, Augusta Solid Waste will offer Christmas tree recycling as part of its yard waste program. Christmas trees will be picked up at no charge to our customers.

Download the Treecycle Flyer here

Household Hazardous Waste

We provide education information to help citizens properly dispose of hazardous waste and reduce the environmental risk of toxic materials.

Download the Hazardous Waste Flyer here


We provide residents information and materials on composting to help reduce waste in our landfill.

Download the Composting Flyer here


Instead of bagging your grass clippings this spring and summer, participate in our grasscycling initiative.  Grasscycling is a natural way to enrich your soil with nutrients, as well as keep your lawn looking beautiful.

Download the Grasscycling Flyer here


Needles, syringes, lancets and other sharp objects are considered special care items and can cause harm to those handling the waste materials.  Augusta Solid Waste has provided disposal guidelines and helpful hints.

Download the Safe Needle Disposal Flyer here

Neighborhood Cleanup Program

Augusta Solid Waste has a program that will help Augusta residents keep their neighborhoods clean year round.  The program allows a small group of residents to have access to a dumpster in their area for a weekend to clean their neighborhood.  This is a free service for Augusta residents.

Download the Neighborhood Cleanup Program form here

Volunteer Litter Cleanup Program

Augusta Solid Waste encourages volunteer litter cleanup programs.  Making your community a more beautiful place to live, work and play is easy!  If you have a group ready to clean a specific area, or you are an individual who just wants to make a difference, we can help you plan your cleanup.

Download the Citizen Volunteer Litter Cleanup Program form here

Event Recycling Program

There are hundreds of events hosted each year in the city of Augusta.  Unless recycling is offered, these events will produce significant amounts of material that will end up in our landfill.  Our goal would be for all events hosted in Augusta to offer recycling, which is why we’ve made it easy to do so.

Download the Event Recycling Program form here


Augusta Solid Waste representatives will come to your organization or group meeting and provide you with educational resources related to recycling, cleanups and other program offerings.

Click here to schedule a speaker.

Please contact us to learn more about these and other community events and education programs that Augusta Solid Waste provides to our customers.


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